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AquaMC | Official Rules v1.0

Discussion in 'Rules' started by yepCHEP, Mar 15, 2019.

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  1. General Rules:

    1. Respect all staff members and their decisions: We expect members to listen and respect staff members. Staff can be noticed by their bright red names, Moderators; dark red names, Sr. Moderators; bolder dark red names, Administrators; or rainbow names, Developers.
    • You can trust us by making decisions on how to handle anything as we are doing it to better our community. Sometimes, you might not agree completely with us, but you need to understand and trust our judgement in situations.
    • There is zero tolerance for talking back or disobeying staff. If you disagree with a staff member and truly think they are incorrect, email to a higher ranking.
    • If you see any abuse done by the Administrators, contact me directly and I will handle it.
    • If you see any abuse done by the Moderators, contact Senior Moderators or Administrative Staff. They will handle it directly.
    2. Do not disrespect or harass other members: We want people in our community to feel safe and respected.

    1. [User], you suck at minecraft.
    2. [User] is a hacking noob.

    • If someone is telling you to stop harassing them or is making it obvious that they are feeling abused, do not continue what you are saying or doing.
    • Harassment is taken very seriously. If you are caught harassing others, you may risk being permanently removed from our community.
    • Spreading rumors about others is not allowed.
    • Stalking a player around into servers and constantly targeting them is considered harassment
    • Do not antagonize other members or staff members in order to evoke any specific reaction to the point of including up to abusive reactions.
    3. Do not use derogatory or profane language: There are many members in our community of various ages and words that are not appropriate should not be spoken or seen.

    Do not say anything you wouldn’t say to your loving grand parents

    • Keep the chat PG.
    • Inappropriate names will be banned.
    • Do not say/post anything inappropriate.
    • The use of light swear words such as crap and damn are allowed.
    • Bypassing the profanity filter will result in an immediate mute.
    • If you are unsure of whether a word is considered inappropriate, ask a staff member.
    4. Do not discriminate other members: Our member base consist of people of many different races, genders, country, religion, sexual orientation, etc. We do not want our members to feel left out due to them being different.

    1. We hate [certain group]
    2. Kill all [certain group]

    • Phrases and words that may offend people of a certain group is not allowed. This includes things like “This is gay.”
    • If you are unsure if something is classified as discrimination, ask a staff member.
    5. Do not spam:Spamming is an unnecessary way of gaining attention, and spamming is obnoxious. It prioritizes one person’s message over another.

    1. Spam
    2. Sppppppppppppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmm

    • If the message is repeated more than three times over a short amount of time, it is considered spamming.
    • If the message is the only thing said and is repeated constantly, it is considered spam.
    • If the message takes up two lines of text and had no point to it, it is considered spam.
    6. Do not use excessive caps: Excessive caps prioritize a person’s message over others, similar to spam, and is often viewed as screaming or shouting.

    2. CAPS

    • If the message is in all caps, then it is not allowed.
    • If the message is four letters or more and is in all caps, then it is not allowed.
    • If the message is mostly caps, it is not allowed.
    7. Do not advertise: Advertising other communities or events in order to profit is prohibited.

    1. Check out my stream at twitch.tv/xxxxx!
    2. Go subscribe to me on youtube: youtube.com/xxxx Cool videos of
    3. Advertising AquaMC videos are allowed if asked for. For streams, you may say it once per game, or once every half hour in the hub.
    1. Look at this cool picture of me on [Server that is not MCSG]
    2. MCSG sucks. [Server name] is way better and you should check it out.
    • Do not post links unless asked.
    • Posting links of live streams and youtube channels is allowed only if the stream or youtube channel contains MCSG.
    • Links and addresses of other communities are not allowed.
    • If you are unsure whether something is classified as advertising, ask a staff member before hand.
    • Saying things like, “Leave MCSG for [server name]” or anything similar to it is considered advertising.
    • Having a forum signature that violate these rules will not be allowed.
    8. Do not start argue/flame wars: We want to keep the community peaceful; a place where people are free to have opinions and discuss things. Arguments ruin discussions and are unnecessary.

    1. Your opinion is stupid.
    2. This idea is just stupid.
    3. User 1: Your ideas are bad and you’re a hacker!
      User 2: No you’re a hacker!
      Staff: Stop arguing.
      Users: No!

    • The difference between an argument and a discussion is that a discussion has valid points provided by each sides debating. An argument is a pointless disagreement where sides repeatedly claim the opposing side is wrong without any explanation or validation.
    • Flaming/trolling threads are not allowed as they may cause arguments.
    • If a staff member says to stop arguing, you must stop.
    • Controversial topics that may incite harassment, flame wars, or hate crimes are not allowed. This includes discussion of religion and politics.
    9. Do not exploit bugs or glitches: We want to the servers to be the best that it can be and if a bug or glitch is spotted, report it to staff privately ASAP.

    1. Block glitching
    2. Breaking boats as a spectator
    3. Leaving the map

    • Using a bug or glitch to your advantage is not allowed.
    • Refusing to tell staff about a bug or glitch is not allowed.
    • Spreading the information about a bug or glitch to non-staff is not allowed.
    • No block glitching, or using the block lag glitch to get out of the lobby, or break a block to climb/reach to a place you cannot get to by jumping/normal means.
    • Breaking boats as a spectator is considered exploiting a bug
    • Escaping maps/lobbies due to an error in a map is considered exploitation and will result in immediate kicking from the server.
    10. Do not use alternate accounts to benefit you: Using alternate accounts to benefit yourself is unfair to those who do not have alternate accounts.

    • Using an alternate account to avoid or get around a ban is not allowed and the alternate account will be banned as well as the IP address being banned.
    • If you were banned for an inappropriate name, you are allowed to use an alternate account.
    • Using an alternate forum account to like your posts so you can get active member is not allowed.
    11. Do not mislead people: Do not mislead people into learning false information that will trick them into doing something idiotic.

    1. Do alt f4 for diamonds
    2. Do /kill at start to see your kill stats
    3. Non-staff: I’m a moderator!
    4. do /v for free sword at start

    • Messages about alt+f4 or ctrl+w are not allowed.
    • Lying to people so you can get a map voted is not allowed.
    • Telling people to do /kill is not allowed.
    • Impersonating staff or famous people will not be tolerated.
    12. Do not interfere with issues between the staff and a specific player or group: Interfering with these issues could cause or intensify drama.

    • This includes ban disputes, bans, arguments and other private issues.

    13. Do not publicly post or show confidential or private information of another user without the authorization of said user or staff: We want everyone to feel safe on our servers and if private information is being leaked, it could make users feel uncomfortable and threatened.

    • If the information includes a person’s real name, age, location, etc that is not already posted by them
    14. Do not start drama: This is a community about gaming where the purpose is to have fun. Causing drama causes stress for others, makes the community look and feel bad and will not be tolerated.

    • If you are unsure if what you plan to post or have posted will or can cause drama, message a staff member privately for approval.
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