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Info Moderator Application Format

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by yepCHEP, Mar 15, 2019.

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    1. Hello there!

      If you wish to apply for a Moderator position at AquaMC, you’re at the right place! In this thread you will find the application template you need to use when applying for a staff position and some general information on the different stages of the application process.

      If you are interested, please answer the questions below to the best of your ability and with as much detail as possible. The more information we get from you, the better we will be able to evaluate you for a position! Also, please make sure that you didn’t skip or forget to answer a question as we would need to decline your application otherwise.

      Application Template

      Title: Moderator Application - <Your IGN>


      Time zone/Location?

      How much time will you spend on the AquaMC Server every day?
      Do you have a working microphone and the ability to talk
      Do you have any alternative/secondary accounts? (If so, please provide us IGNs):
      What languages do you speak and to what extent?
      Have you ever been banned or muted on AquaMC Network? If so, what for?


      ~ Answer those as if you are a moderator ~
      Previous Moderation Experiences (Please include Links and/or screenshots proving your past experiences):
      Why do you believe you would be qualified to be a Moderator on our Servers?:
      How would you benefit to our Staff Team?:
      List 5 Chat offenses that would result in a punishment on our servers and how would you punish a player for breaking them:
      List 5 Hacks that would result in ban from our servers and how would you punish a player for breaking them:


      What would you do if someone were hacking?:
      If there were a streamer (VIP) on the server who was starting a massive campaign in which he is evoking players to flood the chat, what would you do?
      If you were in the middle of a tournament, you had chances to win and someone was breaking the rules outside of your tournament, what would you do?:
      What would you do if someone poked you on TeamSpeak claiming to be one of our admins but they aren't able to talk?

      The More The Better

      How would you like to see the AquaMC Network community improve?:
      If you could be one animal, which animal would you be and why?:
      You're in class and your classmate accuses you of abusing them but your teacher did not witness the situation and is not quite sure what to do. You are sure that you are innocent and that he just wants you to get in trouble. What would you do in this situation?
      Name 3 good and bad qualities that you possess:

      Please note that the current minimum age to apply for moderator is 14 years. If you are 13 or younger, you will need to wait a bit more, unfortunately. Additionally, if you are found forging or copying your application from someone else or from the Internet, you will be permanently declined from re-applying.

      Here is a list of the different stages of the application process and what they mean.

      Declined: If your application has been declined, it means that you currently will not be granted the moderator position. Your application can be declined for various reasons such as not meeting our standards, not filling out all the questions properly or lacking in detail.

      Pending: If you have made it to the pending stage, congratulations! This means that the rest of the senior staff is currently reviewing your application before either being pushed to the next stage or being declined.

      Interview: Good job! You are only one step away from being accepted. At this point, we would like you to connect to our TeamSpeak server and ask a member of the Senior Staff to receive your waiting rank and access to the waiting room. After that, please be patient until there is enough Senior Staff online and available to conduct your interview.

      Accepted: You did it! From this point you are officially a staff member on the BalkanTeams. We welcome you to our staff and look forward to working with you together!

      Note that in between the different stages the Senior Staff can decline your application. (After Pending, Interview or from the beginning.)

      Good luck!
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